The Crown Nursery

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

  • The whistle will be blown
  • All must remain calm
  • All children are to be guided out to the initial assembly point; at the corner of St Margaret’s Road and The Barons
  • Once register taken at initial assembly point children to be moved to The Barons or to shelter in The St Margaret’s Tavern until collected

Staff duties

Staff – lower ground floor

  • Staff to collect the guidance ropes
  • Ensure all children hold each rope
  • Lead children up the stairs and through fire escape to the initial assembly point
  • Ensure all parents/volunteers exit too

Staff – ground floor

  • Exit using the front door
  • Gather at the initial assembly point


  • Collect register and mobile phone from the office
  • Head count the children out of the building
  • At the assembly point check children against the register

Owner – Charlotte Grubb

  • Check outdoor space, corridors, toilets, office and kitchen are empty
  • Collect first aid kit
  • Go to the assembly point

Call 999, inform emergency services that we are;

The Crown Nursery
116 St Margaret’s Road
St Margaret’s

Tel: 0203 154 6679

Call parents/carers – use emergency contact details if necessary.

All staff to wait with children until collection.